London: a modern cosmopolitan city with rich culture and an even richer history. Anyone who has ever lived, worked or visited this amazing place knows that there are enough historical sites, attractions, pubs, lounges and restaurants to keep one busy for ages.

Also, as anyone who has been to this city knows, it is not exactly the most affordable city to entertain yourself in. Almost nothing here is cheap. When I first moved here 9 months ago from the US, I thought I may resort to selling my organs at some point in order to pay rent! That is not exactly the most exciting realisation for a grad student that is hoping to have an amazing year living abroad. However, out of my friends’ and my necessity to entertain ourselves and “live it up”, we became very good at deal hunting and making the most of our limited student budgets.

The extensive “research” I have done at bars, restaurants and different day and night spots around London has given me an extensive list of tricks, tips and favorite places that are fun, entertaining and most importantly, won’t make you have to turn to illicit and illegal money making activities to ensure you can still pay the rent.



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